One Year Cake Smash!

First year cake smash session for little Amelia and Canon. I had the honor of photographing both of these little cutie pies when they were born and now the big #1. Pink /Gray tassel, yellow and orange chair : Sweet August Events Multi colored tassel, One cake sign : Canons mom :) Hand made paper hot air balloons by Felicia Esparzadarkroomfoto.com_0140.jpg darkroomfoto.com_0141.jpg darkroomfoto.com_0143.jpg darkroomfoto.com_0144.jpg darkroomfoto.com_0146.jpg darkroomfoto.com_0145.jpg darkroomfoto.com_0147.jpg darkroomfoto.com_0148.jpg darkroomfoto.com_0149.jpg darkroomfoto.com_0152.jpg darkroomfoto.com_0153.jpg darkroomfoto.com_0156.jpg darkroomfoto.com_0155.jpg darkroomfoto.com_0159.jpg darkroomfoto.com_0160.jpg darkroomfoto.com_0161.jpg darkroomfoto.com_0162.jpg