Long Island Medium reads in the studio

A few months back TLC shot an episode of Long Island Medium in our studio. No, our place isn't haunted..I think. I was part of the plan. I was posing as a photographer doing a family session for a mother and her daughters. What the mother didn't know was that she was going to get a reading that day by Theresa Caputo. I didn't really have to do anything I could have literally just pretended to take photos but me being me I took this gig very seriously. At one point the coordinator ( posing as a guy I hired to do a video for my website ) actually told me to move my bounce bored so they could get a better shot and I looked at him like that is going to mess up my shoot... ooh right not about me haha. The episode just aired on TLC and I can now share a few of the photos from that session. And may I say; what a beautiful family!